Sourcing Travelling tips in Guangzhou Guangdong China/ Canton Fair tips for Amazon FBA

Hello there, my name is Meibo, I am a sourcing agent in Guangzhou China. There are a larget number of people who come to source products in Guangzhou, or nearby cities Shenzhen, Foshan ect. Especially, with the increasing need of small business owners who started Amazon or dropshipping business are looking for suppliers themsevles.

Here are some traveling tips for Guangzhou.

1. Guangzhou airport wifi: The airport wifi requires you to connect it with a local tel number or wechat. If you don’t have neither of them, you can grab a prepaid sim card at the airport.

2. Water. You are not advised to drink tap water in China. You can grab bottled waters in convenient stores or hotels. Chinese people don’t drink cold or ice water at home or in general. You might ask restuarant for ice water.
3.You can get one-month VPN at https://www.expressvpn.com

4.Guangzhou is a safe place. It’s pretty happening at night, and you can see lots of people are around at midnights.

5. The best source way to discover restaurants and bars
That’s Guangzhou Magazine: https://www.thatsmags.com/guangzhou or you can grab the free copy of the magazines at restaurants.


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