Canton Fair Tips 2019 | Sourcing in Guangzhou

Canton Fair is around the corner, some of you are preparing coming to the fair. This is gonna be the 125th Canton Fair, starting on April 15. For the first timer, you will be benefited from this video; for the ones who have been to the fair before, it will act as a great reminder.

My name is Meibo and I am an sourcing agent/ interpreter for Canton Fair. In this video, i am gonna give you ten tips for the fair. Since you are watching the video right now, consider subscribe!

A channel brings you sourcing tips and interpreter for Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

Tip 1:
For the first time Canton fair buyer visitors, could pre-register online first, then print out the confirmation letter and bring it to the Canton fair registration booth, could take your badge to enter into Canton fair for free! If you didn’t pre-register, you could take your badge inside but need to pay 100RMB per badge at the fair or at the hotel. The only official website is http://www.cantonfair.org.cn, as I’ve seen many sites that imitate the official websites to offer services and some people might think that could be the official site.

Tip 2:
Check the http://www.cantonfair.org.cn and determine which phrase you are going to. There’re three phrases, each of them are from Thursday to Monday, you can organize factory visit on the other days of the week. The last day ends on May 5th. Some Amazon sellers are going for more than one phrase.

Tip 3:
Bring business cards! Use business email.

Tip 4:
Download we chat. https://www.wechat.com/
Everyone use we chat in China for personal or business matter. You will be asked to get in touch via wechat at the Canton Fair.

Tip 5:
You can fly into Guangzhou International airport, or even to Hongkong or Shenzhen, where you can get to Guangzhou with a short train ride.
It’s better to take the shuttle from the hotel to the fair if your hotel provides the shuttle. The taxi stands gets super busy after the fair, so try to leave earlier if you have to take the taxi.
Metro can be an option too, but it’s always crowd in the metro!

Tip 6:
Bring your lunch or snack to the fair to save your time and avoid the crowd and waiting time to get lunch at the fair.

Tip 7:
The fair provides free wifi, prepare your VPN before you leave for China if you want to access to Gmail, Google, Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp

Tip 8:
Bring a suitcase to keep catalogs from booths

Tip 9:
Baggage Center is located near Gate 7

Tip 10:
Wear comfortable shoes to be in the game!!

Wish you a successful trip and have the best interpreter for the Canton Fair trip!!! If you like the video, subscribe to the channel!!

You can reach me at [email protected] if any questions or need my service as a sourcing agent or interpreter in Guangzhou!


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