Do you need to hire an Interpreter for Canton Fair 2019?

Do you need an interpreter for canton fair in Guangzhou?

So you are coming to canton fair for the first time, and you are thinking wether you should get a interpreter to make your trip easier. Is it necessary?

My name is Meibo. In this video, i am gonna give you some tips on this topic. Since you are watching the video right now, consider subscribe!

In April 2019, that would be the 125th canton fair, which was established in 1957.
1. For the first time Canton fair buyer visitors, could pre-register online first, then print out the confirmation letter and bring it to the Canton fair registration booth, could take your badge to enter into Canton fair for free! If you didn’t pre-register, you could take your badge inside but need to pay 100RMB per badge.

2. Bringing Chinese interpreters to enter into Canton fair will be high cost, it will cost you 50RMB for materials fee and 300RMB per day for interpreters’ badge.

First off, you will need to determine the length of your trip and which phases you wish to attend. The Canton Fair packs down for a few days between phases so it pays to plan in other sourcing options to make the most of your time.

Generally speaking, you may get interpreters for around US$ 100 for an 8-hour day. booths have English speaking sales who speak enough English to give you basic product details and pricing. Larger factories tend to be better at this.

Smaller suppliers however often hire students or part-time employees who speak some English but may not know much about the product.

If you are looking to ask technical questions about a product or production processes then it is a good idea to hire an interpreter. Also, an interpreter can be extremely useful if you are planning to visit wholesale markets and other places.

Hiring an experienced interpreter can also save you valuable time and reduce headaches from miscommunication due to the language barrier which results in “lost time” during your visit. It will make your trip easier and more pleasant.

However if you are on a budget and planning to just visit the fair, you do not necessarily need an interpreter and get by just fine at the fair venue.

If you have a constrained budget or just want to walk the fair canton by yourself, its quite manageable as well.

If you plan to visit the markets in Guangzhou or you would like to organize factory visit in the nearby cities. I reckon an interpreter would be a good idea in these cases.

There are barely any staff speak english works in the stores in wholesale markets, so your interpreter can assist your buying and negotiation. In addition,an interpreter can organize your traveling and save you some time and trouble if you are going to factory visit, especially if you want to go for few sites day. Last but not the least, a lots of interpreter also work as a sourcing agent.

I can recommend you some website where you can find an interpreter, and will put them below. If you like this video, subscribe to it. See you in the next one or see you in Guangzhou.
My website is http://www.smartoneltd.com

Here are some websites you can find interpreters:

You can download the app Jennie for live translator, almost like a uber app. If you use andriod, please download it before you go to China, otherwise, you need a VPN to download it from googleplay. USE a promo code to get the first 15 mins free 2019-4. Or contact me if you more free minutes!


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