Coronavirus impact on China Sourcing and Canton Fair

Hello, Happy chinese new year. My name is meibo, I am a sourcing agent in Guangzhou. Probably not so happy cuz of the outbreak of the coronavirus this year. For the safety, we are told to stay home, and I do think that’s the best way to reduce the risk of getting infected.

The virus that originated in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people in Hubei province, where has the most confirmed patients in that province. The virus is easily transmitted, patients can be infectious even if they are not presenting symptoms. Chinese government has extend the holiday till feb 10th, and to 14th in hubei province. As a sourcing agent here, I really just want to get back to work asap,this holiday seem too long! Don’t you feel the same way?

The foreseeable impact with coronavirus are Supply Chain Disruption & Shipment Delays. This will impact every sector of their economy and will delay factories from gepptting running again quickly.

Factories are expressing concern about their businesses and their ability to reopen and catch up with orders, “They are worried about production deadlines, a backlog in shipping logistics, their employees health and what kind of health precautions the government will make them do.”

Factories are advising us of possible delays with employees too. They are worried that even when travel restrictions are lifted, some may still not come back to work for fear of the virus. This will leave (factories) very short-handed.

In addition, one more.thing you have to know. Canton Fair has suspended the exhibition until further notice,it was originally scheduled to hold its spring season exhibition at the complex from April 15.The move was in line with the government’s request to help control the spread of virus. For those who are planning to canton fair april this year shall change your plan accordingly. Actually, there are other small fairs also are suspended around that time due to the coronavirus.

On the other hand, china has built a hospital with 1000 beds in 10 days and building more.. also, Researchers racing to produce a vaccine for the coronavirus. I really hope the situation will get better soon so we can all get back to work and get the orders gping.

My name is meibo. If you need any assistant on coordinating your orders due to the delay or any sourcing request, drop me a line.

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