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Marketing Strategy for Amazon Ebay Seller Small Business @ Sourcing in Guangzhou

Hi there, how’s your quarantine going? It has been almost a month since China finish the quarantine. People started to get back to work, everything has got back to normal and public transportation is busy as before.

Hi there ,my name is meibo. I am a sourcing agent in Guangzhou. as you all know that we help you to source your products in China, we do quality control and shipping. During the time we help our client doing sourcing, we are always asked whether we can also help to design their logos and packaging, cuz a lot of business are creating their brands when they contact us and you have an exsiting brand and would like to re brand it.

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Coronavirus impact on China Sourcing and Canton Fair

Hello, Happy chinese new year. My name is meibo, I am a sourcing agent in Guangzhou. Probably not so happy cuz of the outbreak of the coronavirus this year. For the safety, we are told to stay home, and I do think that’s the best way to reduce the risk of getting infected.

The virus that originated in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people in Hubei province, where has the most confirmed patients in that province. The virus is easily transmitted, patients can be infectious even if they are not presenting symptoms. Chinese government has extend the holiday till feb 10th, and to 14th in hubei province. As a sourcing agent here, I really just want to get back to work asap,this holiday seem too long! Don’t you feel the same way?

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Sourcing in China Q&A ft. Ronnie from US

Recently, I was interviewed by Ronnie from California, US. He is the owner of 2ndhandstr.com.
You will learnt a lot on the procedure of sourcing and what do I do as a sourcing agent daily ect.

Ronnie’s Channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GmER4qOVPCAgJsnF_NeRQ
My website is www.smartoneltd.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sourcinginguangzhou

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China International Food Exhibition and Import Food Exhibition (IFE China) 2019

China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition and Import Food Exhibition (IFE China), an industrial base and import and export hub for food business. It is being held in Guangzhou, China on 26-28 June 2019.

With years of accumulation, IFE China becomes a leading B2B platform covering the whole value chain of the food industry. The event presents extensive opportunities for all participants to get in touch with prospective business partners in China. It is a must-attend platform for overseas food companies to enter the China market.
IFE focus on assisting oversea companies to find the distributors and agents to expand the food & beverage market in China.

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Getting speed trains from Guangzhou to nearby cities

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, also it’s the capital of Guangdong province. It’s served as the transportation hub and landing point. Lots of people who come to Guangzhou might want to visit factories in the nearby cities. How to get to the other cities to Guangzhou?

My name is meibo, I am gonna show you how to take the train to different places in this video. If you are watcing this video, consider subscribe.

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Shoes & Leather Fair Guangzhou 2019

“International Exhibition on Shoes & Leather Industry”

Shoes & Leather – Guangzhou is one of the most influential and largest shoes and footwear shows. A lot of people are interested to know what does it take to make a beautiful pair of shoes? I am taking you to the Shoes & Leather Fair in Guangzhou today. My name is Meibo, if you are watching this video now, consider subscribe.

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Canton Fair Tips 2019 | Sourcing in Guangzhou

Canton Fair is around the corner, some of you are preparing coming to the fair. This is gonna be the 125th Canton Fair, starting on April 15. For the first timer, you will be benefited from this video; for the ones who have been to the fair before, it will act as a great reminder.

My name is Meibo and I am an sourcing agent/ interpreter for Canton Fair. In this video, i am gonna give you ten tips for the fair. Since you are watching the video right now, consider subscribe!

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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport |Traveling business tips in Guangzhou

My name is Meibo, I am taking a stroll with you at Guangzhou Baiyun International airport.

In 2017, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport was China’s third-busiest and world’s 13th-busiest airport by passenger traffic, with 65,806,977 passengers handled. As for cargo traffic, the airport was China’s third-busiest and the 19th-busiest worldwide. Baiyun airport was also the third-busiest airport in China in terms of aircraft movements.

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Gifts and Toys Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

Haizhu Square Haizhu Square is a square for plants and traffic close by the Pearl River,

Yide Lu (一德路) and Haizhu Square (海珠广场) are well known to many locals and foreigners living in Guangzhou. Originally a chaotic marketplace for toys and gifts, the area underwent a radical transformation in the past decades. Today, the area boasts over ten wholesale shopping malls covering thousands of square meters and selling a wide-range of items from shoes and clothes to home decorations, imported, and gifts. Although specialized in wholesale, most shops will accept to sell items to passersby.

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Do you need to hire an Interpreter for Canton Fair 2019?

Do you need an interpreter for canton fair in Guangzhou?

So you are coming to canton fair for the first time, and you are thinking wether you should get a interpreter to make your trip easier. Is it necessary?

My name is Meibo. In this video, i am gonna give you some tips on this topic. Since you are watching the video right now, consider subscribe!

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